Emotions 4 Evah!

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Solemn AS Sassy Candy

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ambiance sound


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Patriarch Gave the moral reasoning in the new year 2020. Please remember that the cause of suffering Is the practice of bad karma Cause of happiness Meaning good deeds Should start to solve problems with accuracy and do not

Somdej Phra Ariyawongsakhan Patriarch Sangkathanai Gave the dharma In the new year of the year 2020 B.E.

Now attainable by the New Year, 2020, when the new year is over Everyone desires to receive all of their great blessings. With the aim of bringing happiness and prosperity to his life And beloved person Buddhism His Majesty the King summoned the Master to remind the Buddha that the company is stable in karma and motivation. Is the act and the result of one’s own actions

That “karma” would mean the intention or intention of being a charity Or is evil Is the cause of doing karma or bad deeds, physical, verbal and mental. In truth, “the law of karma” is the law of Dharma type Because of doing one thing Naturally is one of the factors that always happens Therefore, people must be cautious in every action with precaution. In order to get good results, not suffering. If you love happiness and hate suffering Do not act dishonestly. Whether physically, verbally or with heart, all of which are the cause of suffering Everyone has their own choices. To be able to cut the karma or fix the bad karma that will occur in the future

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jazz chords no.1

C7 F9 Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 A7-5 D0-5 G7

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smoke on the water

smoke on the water วง Deep Purple

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